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Though you didn't quite remember what it was about, your mind quickly recalled one of the words you had seen from your studies. ‘Pescitarian?’ though you don’t quite remember what this field of study was about, you had immediately gone with it, choosing a direction to walk towards as you begin your new life. After a few miles of walking Eastward, you found yourself upon a small fishing village; a completely novel experience. As you made your way through the small huts, haphazardly lining up along the dusty beaten road leading up to- what appeared to be- a department store esque building, where villagers busily dipped in and out.
To your surprise, a river ran peacefully along the road, just behind the shanty buildings which seemed to be on their last leg. You stood in the center of what you thought to be a small town, looking around you, with a confused and slightly underwhelmed look on your face. the wind blew gently around you despite the fact the world seemed to stand still around you, moving in slow motion as you took it all in. The sound of the water shifting synchronously with the soft bursts of air, the way the villagers chatted among themselves as if they were truly happy here, even the way the bird beat their wings in the distance as they took of to a more aesthetically pleasing place; you were flabbergasted with where your choices had landed you.
You were confused by where you ended up, though your gut seemed to tell you that this was a kind of fishing village; your eyes skillfully watched others carry around their buckets as their fishing poles were lazily swaying over their shoulder. There were even various makeshift signs with what appeared to be fish haphazardly drawn onto large wooden signs. You grimaced at how the rot of the materials chipped beneath the paint, giving the fish almost a scaly appearance. It wasn’t very clear if that was the intent or if it was merely due to
As you pace around taking in your new environment, you barely seemed to notice the young man who had approached you. A fine young stallion taur about your age as well, his eyes were opened wide in surprise, and from his clothes you realized how much you stood out in this town.
“Hello there! My name is Decatour! Nice to meet ya!” he said in an accent considerably foreign to you. You blush from the randomness of the introduction, as he caught you off guard. “Would you like me to show you around? I see yer new here! So if you want I can show you the ways a this town.”
“Uhhh” you replied, taken aback. You had actually felt a bit shy when you saw how the stranger’s hand was extended in a friendly handshake. There was something about this young man that was inviting, despite the fact that you had just met him. Glancing around once more, it didn’t seem as if there were a ton of things you could do in this small fishing village, so it didn’t take you very long to decide what you were going to do.

Written by Driftingdragon on 24 August 2020

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