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I did say merMAID. star star star emptystar emptystar

To your left you suddenly see a group of mermaids, with dolphin tails similar to yourself swimming about.


You watch them for a while, and forget about the ship, which quickly heads far away from you. One of the mermaids seems to notice you, and they all swam up to you. They are all extremely beautiful, all dressed in clothes made of shells and pearls.


"Hello there!" On of them, with red hair, says to you. "It's not very often we see someone new here, care to join us."


Join them? Why the heck not! "Er, sure I guess!"


They giggle. "We just knew you would!"


Suddenly, you notice a mermaid behind you slip something other you and fasten it, a bra made of shells. "Hey, what is this?" You gasp in shock.


'We're mermaids, silly, we can't have a merman like you hanging with us!"


Your about to protest, when suddenly you felt a curious feeling spread though you body. You noticed your waist is slimming, the hips and tail flaring slightly, as you body gains feminine curves; whilst your arms and hands grow thinner as they too became more feminine and delicate.


The mermaid behind you edges closer, resting an hand on your shoulder. "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll love your new body."


As you look at your hands, you suddenly feel a rush of flesh on your chest as the area around your nipples grows, forming two large breasts filling your bra. "But I don't want to be a girl!"


The changes are almost complete as you face softens, you lips becoming fuller as you hair extends out turning strawberry blond.


Suddenly, new thoughts fill you mind. You actually like your new body, a lot, why would you ever want to be a man.


But enough of that, you now have some new friends to play with.


You giggle at them, surprised by the sound of your voice. "Why thank you, but now I want some fun, shall we?"


What do you do now?

Written by Vanghar on 02 January 2007

The end (for now)

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