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You walked into your morning class just in time. Your friends were all there on the back of the class, chatting animatedly, they wave for you to get closer. You still hesitate for a moment, but they don’t seem to react to your new shape in any way.
At your side Pammy said, "Where have you been last night? We were waiting for you to get online all night and you never appeared. If you were too tired from the cheerleading practice you could have at least said something."
"Wait, cheerleading?!" You blurted out, "Since when I’m part of the cheerleading squad?"
Pammy cocked her head to the side. "We have been on the team since the start of the year, you really impressed them with your flying maneuvers.”
"The two of you are too good to walk around with us now, eh?" David joked.
"Not so loud, we can’t let everyone know we hang around with nerds like you," Pammy winked just as the bell rang, all of you rushing to your seats.
Professor Robert Maughy walked in the room and you almost jumped from your seat, the old history teacher was now a centaur, the lower half of his body was that of a mottled horse. You look around, hoping for a reaction from anyone, but no one seemed concerned about it, calmly grabbing their books.
"Today we are receiving a new exchange student,” Robert turned his attention back to you. "Danielle, you've been selected to tutor the new student. Pammy, you can move to the back and let the new student sit near her.”
You opened your mouth to protest, but then closed it again. You couldn’t remember it ever happening, but then you couldn’t be sure of anything in this new reality.
Pammy angrily shoved her notebook inside her backpack and ripped the zipper shut. You bit your lip and waved a small farewell. Then turned slightly, checking out the room behind you to see who would be your new partner, almost expecting to see a gryphon or a dragon.

Written by ashley-natter on 23 July 2019

Both Konnor Lowell

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