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“Oh, no you don’t!” you roar in adrenaline at the boar’s heels. For a heavy beast, he runs fast and indirect, navigating through the sharp and brittle shrubbery, but you are stronger and faster. Catching up to him as he breaks for the hill. However, your efforts are halted by a hulking brute who stands between you and your prey. She towers over you in size and strength, with great ivory tusks, great leathery ears that heard you a mile away, and a magnificent and sturdy trunk. Her powerful arms are covered in scars and cracks, and black tattoo sleeves from her old self. She kicks you back with great strength.


“I’m sorry child, but this boar is under my protection.” Her voice is a deep growl that occasionally cracks into a trumpeting screech with a slight Hindi accent. “You will not be hunting him on my watch.” As she speaks, you sense the power in her words.

Written by PrinceZahn on 07 October 2017

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