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To this day Daniel resides in those woods. The staff at Area 50 decided that recapturing her would be a waste of both resources and potential and instead ensured that her roaming area was far more boxed in. She could have technically left at any time, especially once she got the hang of flight, but the deterrents around her and in her own mind were more than enough to keep her where she was. Merely watching her from a distance was more than enough to satisfy the researchers’ desires. If she ever decides to wander, contingency plans and ideas have been cooked up and prepared to ensure that nothing too crazy gets too far away from the base.


Every now and again a human comes across Daniel. She is always eager to have company over, her human desire for company and her sphinx urges to share riddles combining rather smoothly into an eager host in the forest. She has made a game out of spending time with those wayward travelers, giving them a series of riddles as she asks about how the world is going. If they fail too many riddles, she’ll send them towards Area 50. Her ancient counterpart’s failure consequences are still too barbaric for her to indulge in, so sending them to that facility seems like an apt replacement. If they succeed, she’ll be able to stop speaking in riddles and tell them everything about what is going on and end the whole operation at Area 50 if the person believes it. Daniel holds no malice towards the people she has sent to Area 50, in fact it is always disappointing to do so. But it just too hard for her to resist her instincts as a sphinx, and it’s not like she can just stop saying riddles to them, that’s how she speaks. Maybe one day somebody will beat her challenge, but not everybody is prepared to mentally spar with the Sphinx of Area 50 herself, and the thrill of finding someone who can is what keeps Daniel excited to host guests in her forest to this very day.


Written by Kolaghan on 09 June 2018

The end (for now)

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