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As the middle most neutral land between the five kingdoms, you decided to yourself that you wanted to tour every one of the other kingdoms with a newfound passion for history and literature. You knew that traveling the world, you had to find a nice sounding and official title to go by just so that you could have an extra layer of protection just in case. As the neutral kingdom of the five great kingdoms, you had enough power from your own throne to make this happen right away, and before the morning even came, you were off on your adventure.
You rode into the wilderness pondering what you shall now call yourself, and what impact that may have on those who encounter you on your journey. Now you have read many words in those history books, but you needed to find out one of them that stood out particularly well to you. Not too nice, not too mean, and definitely nothing ugly! You thought to yourself long and hard about this, but it wasn’t until you had come across the first kingdom, before you had found your perfect name.

Written by Driftingdragon on 31 July 2020

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