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You reach up and feel the horn a top your head. Your mind adjusts with the knowledge of the body and what she is doing here.


Your forest is being assaulted by monsters and you need adventures to take you to the center to purify it.


You look around the bar trying to get a good read on the customers trying to find the perfect people. You recoil at the thoughts of some of them, they are just here for sex.


One of them notices you and walks over. “Hey babe want to try me out” he days clearly drunk.


You are about to tell him to go away when a small guy walks over “Hey man, you are drunk why not go upstairs and sleep it off”.


The other guy smiles and tries to punch him. The other guy dodges and casts a spell.


You watch as the magic connects with the drunk guy and he is asleep. “I can’t stand drunk guys.” before turning to you “So Miss Unicorn why are you here?”


Written by catprog on 11 December 2017

The end (for now)

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