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You sneak into a side door of the factory only to see that Tentomon has been forced to digivolve into Kabuterimon and he has a dark ring.


As you try to get closer Shadramon trips a alarm.


The Digimon Emperor then looks over. When he sees you he yells "Get them".


You then notice 10 Gazimon coming after you along with Kabuterimon.


"Get that ring of Kabuterimon" you order Shadramon "I'll take care of the Gazimon"


"I can't attack my friend" he replies.


"You have to if you want to save him" you tell him.


"But I can't" he says


The Gazimon are on you and you free a couple of them from the control but there are too many and you are soon overwhelmed and de-digivolve back into your hawkmon form.


"Hurry" you say.


Finally Shadramon attacks the dark ring freeing Kabuterimon.


Then a bright light appears which revels itself to be the digi-egg of friendship.


Here you go says Shadramon rushing to you and handing you it.


You then digivolve to Rinkmon.


You make short work of the dark rings and find a control spire which you quickly destroy.


You then all de-digivolve into your rookie forms.


You notice the sun setting and the other 2 digimon explain you are safe for the night as the Digimon Emperor never attacks at night.

Written by catprog on 11 July 2007

The end (for now)
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