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Instantly, with the sound of the thunk of the door, your instincts tell you to escape. Jerking back around, you see the seam where the door closed, but where you'd expect a handle, there's nothing; merely smooth wood. Really, instead of a door, it's just a panel in the wall not a place of escape at all. You swivel to inspect the rest of the room instead. Sharp eyes scan the rest of the room from corner to corner but alas, the walls seem sturdy. "Dammit. This is bizarre. A costume room?"


So, you resolve yourself to inspecting the costumes inside with you. Stepping further into the room, you do another spin to look at each of the racks, jutting out from the wall each holding a costume, two on the side walls and one directly in front of you.


"They're all... females..." you realize, seeing that each of the costumes has an undeniable bust built into them. You look back, suddenly wishing the door was there behind you once again even more than before. The idea of selecting one of these costumes, putting on something built for a female, is far from uncomfortable.


"Wait, who says I have to pick one?" You're talking to yourself, realizing the idea of picking out one of the costumes just appeared to you, without any real logic behind it. "Locked in a room with nothing but costumes... I guess it makes sense, what would it hurt, right?" You shrug, going back to inspect the costume options in order to select one of them.


The first is a snake. You eye the way it hangs around the rack it's steadied on, hanging off like a sleeping bag might. It's skin looks so real, as if a massive python had slithered into this room and shed right there. That thought sends a slight shiver down your spine. The scales are massive, each an individual little disk, colored in a range of blues and greens all metallic and glittering. You take a few steps closer, reaching out for the costume and running three fingers down over the surface of a scale. It crinkles, faintly, beneath the touch as though it's made of small fabrics, but the longer your fingers linger on it, the more silken and slimey it feels, as though it's coming to life with the heat of your skin.


Your hand jerks back, leaving the sensation of the snake skin behind before glancing over the costume once more. "Huh." You can't shake the sensation of the skin on yours, the way the fabric seemed to morph into something moisy, living. You give a faint shudder at the thought and step back away from that first display.


Striding forward, you brushing past the snake costume with a little shake of your head. The snake costume doesn't seem right in this instance, though you can't pinpoint exactly why besides that the skin icked you out. A soft, thoughtful hmm escapes your lips before you realize you're doing it and hurry down the line of costumes without another sound.


Pausing at the next one, you see the folds of fabric spilling together in a sea of gray and white. For a second, the shape doesn't come together, the colors just fall together, but then you see the molded shape of a muzzle and the point of two ears atop of the head. "A wolf..." You linger on the wolf, eyeing the thick bush of the tail hanging out behind and the paws with their curled, pointed claws. For a second, you slide a hand down against the fur. "Warm..."


You bend, tapping onto the claws at the end of each foot, hearing the faint thwack of the sturdy surface. "Strong." You linger a beat longer, considering this option before something pulls your attention to the costume in the center, straight across from where the door had been. This one droops longer, looking more like a pair of oversized pants than a costume.


You pull away, shifting instead towards that middle option. Instantly, it seems to glow with an extra vibrance when you're eyes land onto it. A bright, pure white fur covers most of the costume while black stripes streak over top of it. You see massive paw pieces, resting on the ground for now, with their claws sleek and hidden into the design structure. Then, a thick, slick tail hangs behind, the tip dark with a black splotch.


Something, deep in you, tells you this is the right choice. Without even glancing at the rest of the two options, you instantly step forward to this tiger option. However, looking closer, you can't see exactly how the suit goes on until you notice the slightest lining of a clear chest piece that hooks a bottom half over the shoulders.


"Well, here goes" you mumble, lifting the costume up from it's hook on the wall and instantly feeling the heft of it's thick layers and skin. Once it's dropped into your arms, the other racks seem to pull away and drift back into the wall. You spin, watching the other costumes disappear into the wall, closing with perfect seams back into the wall.


"Must be the right choice, I guess" you mutter, but then pause with a bitter laugh, "Or the wrong one."


Then, with a slowness tugging down your limbs as you try to lift up the heavy suit's legs, you slide your foot down the length of the costume. The fur is thick and dense, but the fabric pulls over your legs easier than you imagine. However, for a second, the costume fits snug over you and the straps fall into place on your shoulders, but a beat later you look back to see more fabric hanging behind you.


"Huh... Wonder what that's all-" Then, a deep, muscle level tingling building through your body. At first, it felt like an itch though it quickly spreads, whooshing over every inch of your skin in seconds. Then, everything is hot. The fabric seems to heat. No, it melts. The fabric is melting, melding into your skin with a crackling, burning sensation in the hairs. It doesn't hurt, instead it feels like sitting too close to a campfire, where the flames are just licking at you.


You try to move, instinctively moving back to where the door was even though it's now gone, but when you move, you notice that the costume seems to move naturally with you. Instead of fabric, shifting around, it really seems to have attached itself right into the fabric of your making. Though, the motion also pulled something else to the forefront by dragging the bottom half of the costume with so you see that the striped white fur continues down with two additional leg portions before the tail hangs behind.


"What the? Is this for two people?" you think, imaging the Chinese dragons with all the people lifting up different portions of the body, or the infamous horse costumes with some unfortunate soul as the butt. "Do I need someone to be the butt?"


Just as you're starting to twist to further inspect this new found portion, something seems to freeze you in place. A deep ache throbs through the tissue of your legs before you feel a cloudiness building in your mind. Then, the transformation really grips you. At first, the suit just looks like it's inflating from the back, but then when it connects with your legs, fully melded into the furred outer shell and just starting to transform to be bulkier. They swell out from the center and fill downwards, rounding your feet out until
your shuffling, wobbling steps make heavy thunks onto the ground. You feel the claws ticking onto the flooring while the pads seem to cushion you.


But the second half is reaching you. With a sudden burst of sensation, the back of the costume comes to life. It's not even a costume anymore, you realize with a jolt, the second half of the costume is a part of you. This wasn't a regular white tiger, but a taur-tigress hybrid. With your realization, you try to move that strange addition to your body, finding that the tail is already twitching madly of its own accord.


Once your attention shifted to the appendage, you're aware of the feeling of it, tickling around at the base of your spine. You can feel the wind it makes, whispering through the fur that coats it. "What the..." You're so busy acquainting yourself with the new body, you didn't notice that the walls of the room, the bricks themselves are fading away. Not that the bricks are breaking in, tumbling around like you're being rescued, but they are simply disappearing. Sections of the wall seem to glitch out, like you've force closed an application on a laptop. The pieces drop into nothing, just black fades in around them.


"What's happening?' you demand, but the empty room doesn't respond, instead a new wave of the transformation is hitting you. You suddenly feel like the skin of your chest is being electrocuted. Every inch buzzes with life and power. Looking down, you see the massive paws of the tiger body jutting out from beneath your legs. You flex your toes, trying to wiggle them to somehow prove to yourself that this is real, that this is your body. Instead of wiggling, the toes merely curl, guiding out the white glint of the claws that hide just inside of them. You see their hooked, curve shape with a small grin, you'd picked a powerful option.


While you watch, you notice that you're stomach is starting to blur. You see the waistband of the second half of your body, where the costume had pulled on like a pair of pants start to creep upwards. Instead of simply being a human above and this transforming tiger below, the fur is reaching up your torso, though thinning progressively as it rises. Though, the black stripes that coat over top of the snow white fur continues, suddenly arching over your skin in waves of bundles stripes up, even onto your cheeks where you feel the faintest fuzz of a velvet coating of furs that allow the black to show. Looking down again, watching the stripes form, a whole new phenomenon has begun.


Just beneath your chin, you notice finally that your chest has begun to swell. First, it start just around your nipple, where a disk is slightly set off from the rest of the skin. But now, that disk has begun to grow. It's swelling up from your chest, growing and spreading out. Before your eyes, in a matter of minutes, you watch your pectorals transform into a bouncy, heavy pair of breasts. The naked nipple, now thicker and throbbing faintly with a newfound tenderness, stares at you as though waiting for you to do something about the pair's arrival.

Illustrated by KaeAskavi

Written by picklessauce69 on 27 September 2015

The Attack
Through a door

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