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Never had a simple walk been so terrifying in your life, but when Blurred lays you on the table of
his kitchen, the world seems like a brighter and better place to be: you're alive. You're well. You
breathe slowly as the magician – because he obviously is one – walks though the room. He waves
his hand a little which makes pots and tools move around in the room before he sits down at the
table and smile down at you. You can't help but notice there is something of a cat that caught a
mouse in his smug expression. You don't like that one bit.
You scurry through the table in search of a hiding place, hopefully taking Blurred by surprise. As
you reach the far end you hear a chair rattle against the floor as they get up and, in fear, you jump
off the table and on a chair. Luckily you land without damage… but you don't manage to get very
far as two large hands scoot you up and hold you to their face.
“Oh, why the rush?” They offer you a large smile. “I was only going to give you a new name. But
since you seem so keen to run away… How about Skippy?”
That is a ridiculous name. You try to protest, but you only make the most adorable squeals.
“Skippy it is, then! Now stay quiet and I will give you a bigger form.”
They lay you once more on the table and goes back to whatever they had been plotting to make for
dinner. You sit there and wonder what is they are planning to change you into next. Whatever it is,
you hope you will soon be able to ask a few questions.
After a while, he lay two smoking plates on the table, one large one, and one smaller one filled with
bits of meat in front of you. Apparently, they are planning to change you into some sort of small
“You'll see, Skippy, you are going to love it. I planned this appearance just for you.”
He snapped his fingers and purple tendrils surround you for nowhere. You feel yourself being lifted
in the air…

Written by Clayem on 20 March 2016

Maybe a cat?
Definitely a dog

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