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Dan removed the top with a swift swish over her head. It rubbed her the wrong way but to hell with it, Dan thought. Draping the offending garment over her back. She felt herself ease up. The cool air from the store air condition made her nipples feel less raw.


“I should have taken it off sooner.” Dan said feeling better. “Now let's find that shirt.” Dan posed with her hands on her hips. It was like Jake said. She would feel better without it. In fact as she remembered; she went through a similar struggle last time.


“Told you.” Jake said staring at her chest, his interest obvious. At least his eye went up as he spoke to her before going back down.


“You like what you see?” Dan smiled and shook her head. It was Jake, and as a furry lover he was over the moon over her being skunk more than she was. Dan was going to cut him some slack, he was one of her friends, and she understood the desire to look.


“Yes I do.” Jake said with a smile. That charmed Dan more than she cared to omit. “Don't suppose I can touch them?” Jake said with a laugh.


“You get me this wardrobe thing done and over with and I'll let you.” Dan said, Gassen voice was getting closer. Even his foreign charm couldn't hold them off for long.


“Is that a promise.” Jake perked up. “Can I?” Jake pushed for the deal that Dan had offered as a joke.


“You know what,” Dan said putting out his hand. “It is a promise.” Jake took the hand and shook it.


“Give me your wallet.” Jake said his face dead serious. He only got like that around convection time. Handing him the wallet Dan watch him go off like lightning; he was gone around the isle before she could blink.


“Perhaps I should have thought that through.” Dan muttered but shrug her shoulders. What was done, was done. It would be the first time Jake felt her up. She was used to him using her as a sewing model for his various costumes. How different could it be?


“Dan we got to go.” Gassen grabbed Dan's hand as he ran past her.


“What's going on?” Dan asked as they ran, turning her head she saw a group of women and men storming their way.


“The guys are from Jake's blog. The women are from when you took off your shirt.” Gassen explain. Turning them up an isle and waking their way back up the front to the exit. “Some are very happy but the others...” Gassen let his words trailed off.


“Jake said it was legal!” Dan said defending his actions. At the front Gassen held open the door and let Dan run through.


“She's here!” Gassen said in relieve. Pointing out his mother's van. Running towards it Gassen slid open the door, and they jumped in. Gassen turned slamming the door on the mobs faces. “Go mom!” Gassen shouted to his mom in the front seat.


“You got it!” Gassen's Mom squealed her tires and jutted them out of the parking lot. Dan fell onto his back and Gassen fell into him his head and shoulders landing straight on her boobs. Knocking the wind out of her. Both winded from their run they didn't say anything. They simply laid there huffing. When Gassen's phone went off, he pushed a button and the screen lit up to Jake's face.


“What! That's not fair! You owe me!” Jake howled into the phone. “You had to face-time him?” Dan said laughing at Jake's face. What are the chances?


“You know what Jake? A lap pillow is nothing to these.” Gassen snuggled back into her chest Toying with Jake. Whose face turned from shade of white to purple and back again without a word.


Men.” Dan heard Gassen's mother mutter. Dan laughed again. Over Gassen's and Jake bickering and her own situation. Dan may be a girl, and she may be a skunk, but that they were all friends wouldn't change. Not a chance.

Written by psto146 on 02 June 2019

The end (for now)

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