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To your relief, pulling the lever did not activate a booby trap; instead, the brazier burst into flames, followed by more braziers across the black, revealing a room with golden sarcophagi lining the walls, and a giant golden statue of Anubis, the Egyptian Jackal-god in the center. Each sarcophagus features a human form with the face of a jackal; perhaps either one of them, or the statue, was the source of the light you saw earlier? Unfortunately, this room seems to be a dead end otherwise—and the sound of a stone door slamming into place behind you tells you that you are trapped in here. After a moment of panic, you come to the conclusion that this must be some form of escape room, and that the answer to escaping it must lie in one of the sarcophagi, or perhaps somewhere on the statue. Which do you choose to investigate?

Written by CoggerD on 10 October 2023

A sarcophagus

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