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You nod once, but take a quick glance to the Town. On the one hand, learning to steer your ship sounds pretty important, and on the other, exploring the town and getting to know the place sounds pretty important too. You’re only staying a week anyway.


One… really long week…


On second thought, it would probably be a good idea to get your hands on some cash so you can actually roam the town without worry. “Yeah, sounds good.”


“Great. Don’t worry, just a run of the mill delivery. Should get you some easy hands on experience. Let me show you my ship so you can find it later.”


The dragoness beckons you to follow, before stretching her long, leathery wings, and jumping off to arch herself over the edge. Your wings react before you do, flapping instinctively to follow her. Here on the docks you can better see the human boys running and to and fro on their various errands. The tallest one only comes up to about chest height, showing just how large the dragon race is. They seem quite at ease however, even with the obvious differences.


Miirym’s ship almost makes you want to whistle in awe, just for the effect. It’s not overly huge compared to other ships, but still large, and sleek enough to look like it would cut through waves like a knife. The carved rim of the ship, and ornate carving of a dragon head at the prow tells you that she put a lot of money into the vessel.


“This is the Cloud Ripper. Best ship yet.”


You almost snort wryly. Fitting. But you can’t blame her for the note of pride in her voice.


“Would you rather me to give you a Dock tour, or rather get a bite to eat?”

Written by HiddenFruit on 01 June 2016

The end (for now)
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