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Traps revolutionized the night. The late afternoon was sacrificed to setting up teetering walls and rough rope circles to try and slow the onslaught that the moon brought, but it meant their structures within the perimeter often went undamaged.


"Ta dah!" You rose with excitement from a work bench, turning to see a familiar feline mug grinning across the dirt space at you.


"You finish, Jaimine?"


"Yes! Our first, official shack!" With a flourish, they presented the building. The walls were short, only barely standing taller than the chakrat itself standing in front, but they were long in an attempt to provide lots of shelter. A single door stood cut out from the clay bricks, but a roof covered the space and blocked the howling wind.


That night, they all clustered together within the cramped walls. Tails curled into each other's, legs stood pressed to the one next to them. Shifts formed to guard the perimeter, no longer needing every available body to protect from the consistent flow of evening monsters; so, you slept an inaugural night in the dark.


The faint hum of a shared purr from every chest filled the space with a comforting, ebbing aura as every feline shared in the moment of pride and comfort.


Outside, battle cries still sounded; but for a few hours at least, you got to rest.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 22 February 2017

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