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And then it becomes staggeringly obvious that the barkeep is ALSO one of the werebeasts.
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You are startled by this fact and by reflex hit the barkeep square in the jaw. You are surprised by your strength, for you never were able to hit a person and have them fly over 2 tables before.


Unfortunately, you angered the barkeep enough to start a fight.


As you dodge all of his blows at you, you see him slowly change into his beast form.


He is becoming really angry at you, and now he is trying everything in his power to kill you.


Increasing you speed to it's max, you spot a weapon just lying around in the opposite corner of the room, unfortunately, the barkeep is forcing you into a different corner.


Relying sheerly on luck, you jump over his head, land in the middle of the room and run over to the weapon. It's a B-Sword, a weapon that can only be wielded with two hands, or a really strong person.


You grab the sword and turn just in time to be able to fight the beast head on. Right before he comes at you, you cry, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you were a were-beast, and the fact startled me."


You shouting to him only seemed to make him angrier, for he immediately comes at you. Right before he even come within 10 feet of you, an energy blast hits him in the back, knocking him unconsious.

Written by Umassday on 24 April 2006

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