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Since you are a major furry fan you decide to draw a Female Anthro Wolf, You spend thirty five minutes drawing the picture, when a bolt of lightning comes out of nowhere and strikes your picture.


As the paper burns you notice your body starting to grow brownish black fur. Your nose turns black and round and a snout begins to protrude from your face, also you notice that your waste and legs begin to look more feminine in nature. The brownish black fur has now completely covered your body, you begin to feel your groin pull in and your chest swell. You also notice your spine beginning to curve to a more feminine position and a small stump beginning to extend from above your butt. The stump grows longer while also get furrier.


When your groin is no longer visible you let out a soft girlish squeal, your breasts stop expanding at a decent size. Once all of the transformations are finished you notice a nearby pond and go over to look at your reflection. You yelp when you see that you are now a female anthro wolf while also showing a slight bit of interest in your new body. You then begin to think about what to do next..........

Written by Draiko on 05 April 2009

The end (for now)
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