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Last night's rain begins to drip through the open cracks in your shelter. The roof creaks under the strong winds and the driving rain; the sound deafening. The lashed vines fly loose at an instant and the shelter flies apart as you gain your footing. Struggling against your own exhaustion and the inclement weather, you search for new shelter. The sounds of the forest are all but gone, now replaced by the howl of the fierce storm. A small cave at the base of the pillar is your only respite for the moment and even that is barely adequate. When the rain finally begins to let up, you begin again on building your shelter. It takes hours to get everything back the way it was and some of the vines you are forced to go well out of your way to find. The rain returns once more, shortly after your shelter is done, but you have no energy to look for a meal. Tired and hungry, you have nothing left to keep you awake and you pass out early again; your fourth day comes to a close.

Written by Lokor and Kire Kitsune on 03 March 2013

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