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Well if you can’t see that means the only logical thing left to do is sleep. But sleeping out on the open ground doesn’t seem to be a very wise idea. You glance up at the tree, pondering quietly to yourself your chances of being able to climb it. New body or not you figure that you should at least still retain that skill.


So you get up on weary paws and set your hands against the tree. The bark seems relatively soft so, digging in your claws, you try to make for the first branch. It takes you a moment, slipping twice before getting your footing, but finally you stand upon the branch.


One branch conquered, and a few more to go. The next ones come easier, and soon you find yourself at a comfortable height off the ground. This way, you figure, you won’t have any trouble with potential predators while you sleep. So long as you don’t fall out of the tree of course.


Settling down upon the branch you found yourself on you close your eyes. Hopefully, you think, things will better in the morning.

Written by ShatteredBeginnings on 11 January 2016

Both Morning Light

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