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You end up going with the curiosity, because you can’t help yourself by this point. Your stomach grumbles quietly in protest, but, hey, it can wait. Besides, worst case scenario, you can always turn back into a human to eat if it gets to the point where it’s painful.


‘Sorry for being so nosy,’ you say. ‘But, how did that happen?’


“Oh, much the way you expect,” Shira replies with a chortle. “Over time, we bonded quite deeply is all, pup. It was not an instant falling, by any means - although I knew Ali found me quite attractive when I first awoke from my lamp.”


Ali shifts around a bit, looking somewhat embarrassed.


Shira beams. “I was flattered by this, mind you. I have always enjoyed Masters who were pleased by my aesthetic, and the more pleasant they were with it with compliments or fond gazes, the more I tended to treat them favorably. I only ever got annoyed when one former Master was TOO perverse for my tastes, but, he was a rarity among those that found me to be gloriously beautiful.”


Akam snorts. “Always were the vain one, Shira.”


You blink and turn to see him standing beside you with his arms crossed, although his expression is one of sheer amusement. You admit you don’t know anything about the djinn society, so, you don’t know what Akam thinks or feels about this revelation - granted, he doesn’t appear to be upset, let alone surprised given the fact his features are thoughtful beneath the look of mirth.


“Oh, without question, Akam,” Shira says with a jovial laugh. “I’m a sucker for those that butter me up, but I must be frank, I’ve always preferred women to men in pretty much every way.” She shrugs. “Still. For a djinn to develop feelings for their Master or a human is not unheard of. It’s the developing of - and then acting on - romantic feelings that is considerably rarer.”


‘Why’s that?’ you ask. ‘Is it… forbidden, or…?’


“Forbidden, no,” Shira replies. “Considered strange? Yes.”


You blink and look to Akam for more of a clarification.


Akam chuckles. “Djinn society has several set rules that we must all follow, Master, but there are no real rules within the realm of loves, beyond the fact we are explicitly forbidden from actively tampering with the romantic lives of others for our own gain.” His features grow more stern as he nods. “No djinn may ever use their powers to threaten, kill, or manipulate a mortal - it has been this way for centuries upon centuries, and thus, that relates to not messing with or manipulating mortal romances.”


You soak this in. You are… glad to know that’s a thing, to be sure. The idea of magical supernatural beings being able to do things like transform people into animals going around and messing with peoples’ lives is… unsettling.


“To put it into easier terms,” Shira says, as she floats over to you. “While it’s true that ‘releasing’ a djinn is more of a problem than a boon, there’s a tiny gray area that can be accessed.” She holds two fingers together to pantomime the ‘tiny’ part of her sentence. “The mutual, consensual falling in love between a djinn and his or her Master, or another human being in general, is within that tiny gray area. That is why I am with Ali, both happy and free, yet still empowered by my magics.”


‘But you lost your lamp,’ you say, recalling that. ‘Yet it doesn’t seem to bother you.’


“No,” Shira replies, a warm glow in her eyes. “Ah, pup, it’s because Ali has become my NEW lamp, in essence, anyways.” She winks as you gawk at her. “A lamp, or vase, or whatever object… it is both a home and a syphon for a portion of our power. Yet if we are able to create a suitable replacement…”


It dawns on you what she’s saying. ‘…then you don’t need a lamp anymore, because that new thing… or person in this case,’ you glance at Ali, who nods, ‘is what takes over as the other part of your powers?’


“Precisely,” Shira says, and she returns to Ali’s side. “We can continue chatting about this later, you know. Put some food in your bellies first, won’t you?”


You let your thoughts slide away from you for the time being, and, Ali looks at you expectantly.


‘Alright,’ Ali says. ‘We’re actually pretty close to where I was leading us.’ She nods to the right. ‘There are some deer in that direction - it leads to a mountain.’ She then nods to the left. ‘Or we can go that way, to a lake where there are fish swimming about.’ She grins at you. ‘So it boils down to what you’re in the mood for… are you hungry for fresh venison… or fresh fish?’


Your stomach growls at you to decide.

Written by Hollowpages on 28 July 2020

The end (for now)
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