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You consider her offer for a moment and then agree. You follow her to an airlock and wait as she opens it. The door hisses open and reveals a small lab. She gestures for you to enter and you do so. As soon as you are inside she grabs you by the arm and injects you with something in her syringe gun. You collapse to the floor.
"I'm sorry, but we cannot risk you exposing our secret." the woman says.
As you lose consciousness you hear the main door hiss shut...
You open your eyes a short time later. You are strapped to a bed and a figure is watching you. You cannot see their face as they are standing against the light."So you are finally awake" it says. The voice is male and not at all like a human.
"Wha- what's happening!" you ask "I was exploring an asteroid when this woman captured me and injected me with something.
"Yes" it says. "She is why I am like this."
The figure pulls back revealing his face. He looks like what you would get if you gave a tiger the ability to walk on two legs. His body is covered in orange and black fur, he has a tail and his head is shaped like that of a tigers with an oversized jaw filled with teeth.
You let out a scream as he approaches "It's OK, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to talk."
"What are you?" you finally ask having calmed down slightly.
"I used to be a tiger. But the woman you saw is helping me... Evolve. We are going to create a new world where beings like us can live, free of humanity."
"Why are you telling me this?
"She injected you with a variant of what made me like this. Instead of human DNA it is adding animal DNA to you."
"What? I don't want to turn into an animal!" you say
"It is already inside you." he says "You will just have to learn to live with it."
You look over your body for any sign of the change, realizing you are naked as well. "Why am I not dressed?"
"You were unconscious, I had to remove your clothes so I could treat your injuries. Plus the clothing would get tangled as you change."
"What animal am I going to become?" you ask.
"I do not know. She had to grab a vial at random when you came in."
You are about to ask more questions when you begin to feel ill. It starts in your stomach, which spasms. You arch your back in pain as you are hit by a fever. Sweat begins to bead on your forehead and your skin begins to itch all over.
"I will try to make it as painless as possible" he says. "The woman who did this to us, she is planning something. She is back at the asteroid."
"What is she planning?" you manage to say as your skin erupts into fur.
"She is planing to get more human test subjects."

Written by Ai Dungeon on 09 February 2021


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