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You didn’t even need to think about it, you chose the white dress; you knew that the color scheme would have matched the scheme your parents had told you to prep for, in terms of the celebration. Following orders you had dressed yourself in a slick white dress, forming a contrast with your thick black fur, yet blending perfectly with the dainty white stripes going down your body. You did a quick twirl before heading downstairs to the ballroom, even your parents were proud of you for actually following their direction for once.
Before you knew it, the room was filled with thousands of your court and subjects. Your eyes had fallen upon the darkened windows, and to your surprise you had noticed a red spot quickly approaching the window before crashing into it with full force. You and your parents had not anticipated a full-on palace invasion. Though you had tried to quickly escape you had been easily singled out due to your color scheme, and before you knew it, your vision had blacked out. The last thing you remember is looking at your beautiful white dress as creeping red hues made their way through the fibers of your silky white dress.

Written by Driftingdragon on 06 May 2020

The end (for now)
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