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His arm was burning, but his forehead was cold; it seems localised, making him wonder what sort of affliction he was facing. The tingling seemed also to be spreading, as if it was trying to numb him, without any success at all; as the sensations progressed in his arm, he could feel each inch of his flesh reacting, trying to fight the invasion.
His arm was now a patchwork of burning sensations; some areas were still free of them, while others harassed him, haunting him with a question he wasn't able to answer. Stinging and burning, the flesh was starting to swell up a bit, as if it was inflamed.
Or was it just a mere inflammation? Pressing his arm, he had the impression that the muscles in it were getting bigger, which didn't make much sense. But not big enough for him to be afraid of the size; it was as if he decided to train for a while. Perhaps the substance that was injected in him stimulated his muscle growth, but what sort of other effects would it have on him as it would spread in the rest of his body?
It didn't take long for the sensations to spread to his chest, making him wonder how long it would take before his entire body would be affected by the entire sensation. As he pondered the question, he felt another sting, as a syringe was plunged in his other arm, as if they wanted to accelerate the rhythm, or at least make it even.
As he expected, the burning and the stinging soon invaded his other arm, although there would have been a chance that it could have been another sort of serum, one that could have induced another type of change into his body. He was a bit disappointed in their lack of imagination, but as the flesh of his chest started to burn, his mind tossed away that concern, for it didn't matter anymore to him.
The burning sensation started to fade from his first arm, as if it was finished, although it started to itch; he had the impression that something was crawling on and under his skin, making him scratch it without any mercy, unable to stop the feeling he was facing. If only he could inhale some more gas, so he could pass out...
Although it was itching him now, the burning sensation was now spreading to his legs, as if it was following a wave pattern, his flesh pulsating as his muscles seemed to grow with the toxins that were delivered to them.
Massaging his legs, he could feel his muscles pulsate in them, a sensation that he expected, but not in the range that he thought it would be. When it affected his arm, it was mild and benign, but now that it reached his legs, he had the impression that his muscles were melting, as if they were being redimensionned.
What would be the purpose of this change? Why would his muscles need to grow in such a manner anyway? If only he could understand, but all he could do was to face the sensations that wrecked his body.
Squeezing one, he tried to stop the pulse, only to feel pain; there was no way to stop it, as it continued to burn, giving him the impression that his muscle was growing and taking more place in his leg. When it would be done, he would be quite the athlete, he thought, as the itching on his arm focused his attention once again.
Rubbing them, he wondered how long he would have to suffer from these effects before he would see what they would really do to him. He wanted it to hurry up, so he could finally be free of it, but he knew that it wouldn't be the case...
Scratching his arm, he had the impression that he was peeling his skin for he was applying so much strength, trying to get rid of the increasing itch that was now affecting him. Although it was slightly better than the burning sensation, this new one he was facing, which was replacing gradually the first one was as annoying, making him wonder what sort of transformation it would wreak on his body.
Looking at a spot that he scratched with fervor, wondering if he would see an open wound, all that he saw was that his body hair wasn't looking the same anymore. Normally, his body hair was short and barely his skin; as he looked at the site of his irritation, he noticed that the hair wasn't the same anymore.
In fact, it seemed denser and a bit longer, as if it changed function; touching it, it was soft and was indeed dense, covering the section of the skin that he scratched without mercy. The more he looked at it, the more it made him think about something else, even if it didn't make much sense to him.
He had the impression that it was fur, an element that defied his logic; how could he be growing fur when he knew that he was incapable of doing such a thing in the first thing? Or maybe that was the effect of the serum that was injected in him...

Written by zanian on 07 October 2014


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