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<!-- (Ignore the next paragraph if you went into the bonus area)
"No thanks" you reply to the wizard. "Ok then" he replies as he fades out.
-->As you wait the Leafmon digivolves into Minomon.


"Why was that Digimon attacking you?" you ask the Minomon.


"He is a test of the Digimon Emperor's new control gear 'Dark Spiral'" he replies "We attacked and were able to destroy the factory before he could make any more"


"We were also able to destroy his research so he has to start again. However we had to give most of our energy to Agumon to allow him to digivolve despite the control spires into WarGreymon. When the factory was destroyed he reverted into a egg. Then there was just us baby form digimon vs most of his army.I don't know what happened to the other 9 digimon."


"We better go and save them right?" you tell the Minomon.


"yep" he answers.

Written by catprog on 14 June 2007

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