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You stand there in his shadow, fearful of what he might do as he pokes and prods you. He grabs your tail and tells you to pull it away from him, which you do, of course you're unable to remove your tail from his grip. He then tell you to grip his forearm with it. You snake a portion of your tail around his hulking muscles and squeeze as hard as you can. He raises an eyebrow in surprise before telling you to relax.


He grunts in approval then calls to a young male black dragon carrying some nets. The red dragon pushes you towards him as tell him to take you along and show you how to gather fish and trap small animals.


He nods as you stumble over to him, not fully used to your new digitigrade legs. He says his name is "Coke" as he hands you the nets. He shoulders a leather bag tells you to follow him to the river.


Coke shows you how to fish and trap food for the village. You ask him about that large red dragon. Coke tells you his name is Slag and that he is their cheiftain. He also tells you that you might want to start looking for a place to stay as winter is approaching. "It's a bit late to carve a cave out. But it can still be done. Your best bet is to find someone to take you in for the winter." he says.


The two of you bring in a large haul of meat and fish. Coke bids you farewell after the two of you deliver the food to workers on the bank of the river for processing. He points you in the direction of Slags cave, but tells you that plenty of the dragons are still outside to ask for a place to stay. You thank him and wave as he walks up the hill to his cave.


You look towards Slags cave and then around at all the different dragons working or carrying on across the village. As excited as you are to look around, you decide to take Coke's advice seriously first.


What will you do?


Written by SkyBrigidRain on 07 September 2017

Ask Slag to send you some workers to carve out your own cave.
Look for another dragon to ask if you can stay with them over the winter.

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