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You just stay back and watch. At this point, it was still hard for you to make out what they were saying but before long you started to hear what you thought was some kind of garbled english. Since you decided to stay back, you just sit and watch as they continue barking their complaints, but you still weren’t close enough for you couldn’t quite hear exactly what they were saying. Still, you spent a moment watching them chat from a distance. You took so long that the sun started to set by the time you mustered the strength to make your next move.
Suddenly, you felt some kind of presence in the water around you and you could feel your spine tingling with fear. The ocean’s currents started to sway a bit differently- different enough for you to feel unsettled and flighty to the point where you just couldn’t help but swim away.
With all your might, you dive underneath the water and start swimming underneath the ice sheet the seals were perched on. You could feel something closing in on you and in the corner of your eyes you could see movement. Large dark figures moved around you, from above to underneath, left to right, for a while, you were completely disoriented under the water as you started to panic. In the spur of a moment, you witnessed a massive killer whale’s white patches slipping by in the darkness.
You had heard about the stories about seals and orcas and your heart started to pound out of your chest. Suddenly, you could feel a sharp pain shooting through your tail and you felt yourself being dragged around underneath. The water started to become even more disorientating and you cried out under water- releasing your massive breath of air.
Once again, you could feel your tail grappled by the hot maw of an orca. Your ears started to ring as the echoing of their calls vibrated the water. It almost felt like your chest was going to explode from how loud it was becoming. Slowly, you could feel yourself slipping away as you were pulled through the water and slapped around with massive fins. No matter how hard you tried to escape there didn’t seem to be any for you as you were played with by the massive intelligent beasts at their whim.
Honestly, it didn’t even take you very long to lose consciousness from how aggressive they were with you. With everything going on around you, it was actually a significantly peaceful transition, for a moment, your body started to feel numb and cold- you couldn’t even feel them grabbing onto you at this point. Once you stopped fighting it, the ending of your story didn’t even seem all that bad. (

Written by Drifting Dragon on 03 February 2024

The end (for now)

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