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You begin to notice a prickling sensation all over your skin, which causes you to scratch all over, even though it really doesn't itch. You begin to see a slight brown cast to your skin, until you realize that it isn't your skin. A light layer of brown fur begins on your body, getting thicker as time goes by.


You also notice that you seem to be getting shorter slowly. Your arms and legs especially seem to shorten. Your body doesn't actually shorten much, you realize, as much as your shorter legs lower your viewpoint. Looking at your hands, you see that a strange membrane seems to have formed between your fingers, and that they are now each tipped by a single dark claw which has replaced your nail.


As you shrink, you also become thinner, until you are far thinner compared to your height than you were before. Your pants loosen around your waist until, finally, they slip down, leaving you in your underwear. It first makes you feel somewhat embarrassed until you remember that there is no one around to see you. You step out of your pants, keeping your underwear on by the use of a single clawed finger. With your other hand, you remove your shirt. Your chest is now covered with a light tan fur, while the rest of your body remains the same light brown.


You realize now that the fur has taken over your head. You move over to where a full-length mirror stands against the wall, wondering why you hadn't thought of it before, and look at your odd-looking furry form. You watch in silent awe as your face reforms, a short muzzle replacing your nose and mouth, and your eyes becoming black. Your ears move toward the top of your head, rounding and losing their lobes. Your hair falls out, leaving you with only your fur.


Your feet begin to ache, so you move to sit on your bed and watch them change. Your toes lengthen and are also tipped by claws. You hop off your bed and begin to hobble about, relearning your walk. As you finish, you realize that somewhere along the way, you let go of your underwear and are now naked. Oddly, it feels completely natural, and you make no move to retrieve your lost clothing. In fact, looking about, you don't see any clothing at all.


As you ponder this further oddity, thinking that your change is complete, you are suddenly shocked by a pain at the end of your spine. Its sudden appearance causes you to fall over, but it disappears soon, and when you look back, you see a long furred tail growing out behind you.


You admire your new form for a moment. Suddenly, though, you hear creaking coming from your roof. You look up just in time to see the ceiling cave in, followed by a flood of water. Before it hits, though, the water parts mysteriously and forms an odd-looking dome above you. You realize suddenly that a rather thick glass dome is keeping it out. You also notice the sudden lack of doors in your room. You do see three tubes about you though. One in front of you, visible coming off of an L joint and heading straight up, reads "Surface." Another one is labeled "Kitchen," and the last "Bathroom." You have become an anthro otter in your own underwater mansion at the bottom of your lake home!

Illustrated by dragon-storm

Written by LurkingWolf on 24 June 2008

The end (for now)

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