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She left the house without eating breakfast, though she did pack a snack in her pockets. She set upon a low trail, because the high road was flooded, of course. She walked upon it and wondered all the while what she would find in Area 50. The glow again that would return her to her original human form or reality? Or would there be other fox people there, someone else who could explain all of this?


Danielle found neither. Instead, she found nothing. The trail merely ended abruptly and where there had once been Area 50 was a bunch of trees, trees, and more trees. It was as if Area 50 had never existed.


The vixen pondered the trees for a few moments, and then decided to head home.


Better yet, she finally considered contacting her friends again, especially Pammy. She was a vixen now, yet if prior experiences told her anything they wouldn’t treat her any different because of it. There was still a lot to figure out, but she still had her friends and family and she was still herself deep down. The real choice now was whether to head back to her friends, family, or continue trying to figure this whole vixen change out.

Written by skiesofsilver on 23 April 2017

The end (for now)

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