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our first day at the university proves to be a whirlwind of emotions as you grapple with the complexities of your transformed existence. The schedule is filled with classes that range from Mythical History to Elemental Magic, but there's a notable absence of any courses that could help you reverse the peculiar transformation that brought you here.


You find yourself in a classroom surrounded by students of various species, each engrossed in their studies. The professor, a wise old owl with spectacles perched on his beak, begins the lecture on the intricacies of magical creatures. As the class progresses, you take meticulous notes, trying to absorb every piece of information about your new form.


Between classes, you navigate the bustling campus, encountering beings that defy your previous understanding of the natural world. Majestic winged creatures soar through the sky, their feathers glinting in the sunlight. Anthropomorphic trees meander through the courtyard, their branches swaying with a life of their own.


As you pass by a group of students engaged in animated conversation, you catch snippets of their discussions about mythical transformations and magical creatures. Your ears perk up, hoping for a clue about reversing your own predicament, but the topic seems to revolve around controlled transformations for specific purposes rather than undoing them.


The absence of transformation-based classes in the first-year schedule weighs heavily on your mind. How will you ever find a way back to your old self without guidance in this mystifying world?


During lunch, you sit with Alex and a group of friendly students who share stories of their own magical journeys. They offer support and encouragement, assuring you that the university holds many mysteries, and solutions may reveal themselves in unexpected ways. Though their words provide some comfort, a lingering frustration gnaws at you – the uncertainty of your future and the lack of a clear path to reverse the transformation.


As the day progresses, you attend more classes, participate in lively discussions, and gradually become accustomed to the rhythms of this enchanted campus. The initial bewilderment starts to transform into a determination to navigate this new reality and uncover the secrets it holds.


As you retire to your dorm room at the end of the day, you find solace in the camaraderie of your new friends. Though the road to self-discovery and potential transformation appears daunting, the supportive community around you gives you a glimmer of hope.

Written by - on 10 March 2024

The end (for now)

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