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Cry Uncle and let slip the monkeys... that's not how it goes! emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You scratch your head and ponder. Unlimited wishes? "Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!" you exclaim.


Poof! suddenly you grow shorter, yuor arms grow longer, various parts swell and shink, and you get covered (almost) all over with thick black fur. Opening your mouth for a shout all that comes out is a surprised "Ook!"


The genie smiles and shakes his head. "Remember what I said about precise wording? Well, that should be it for now. See you later. Oh, and here's your niece. Have fun!"


And with that he is gone, just like that. Apparently the lamp is gone too, but after a frantic search you find it under the table. Hoping against hope you rub it frantically, but all that comes out is a small puff of green smoke that congeals into a set of glowing digits. They last just long enough for you to realize that they are counting down from an hour. Another attempt produces blue digits that seem to be stuck at 23:59. Counting down from a day?


Pondering what the genie said, you realize that the first digits show when you can make a wish again (but not cancel the one you just "made") and the other how long your first one will last...




You didn't say that. Looking in the direction of the sound you see a small chimpanzee child (cub? whatever) standing where the genie disappeared, looking curiously at you. She (it's a female) skips closer, sniffs at you and jumps into your long arms to cuddle while making happy little chimpanzee noises. She must really like you!


Of course! The genie called her your niece, didn't he? So you are not only literally a monkey, but literally a monkey's uncle as well! For at least twenty-four hours. This is going to be soooo weird...

Written by Won-Tolla on 24 July 2007

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