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That morning you find yourself wandering around the house idly, your feline curiosity gets the best of you, “I have to know what's in that chest!” You creep your way over to the corner and gently lift the hinges open. Your eyes light up as you see an array of new outfits piled into the bottom of the chest. “Oh my!” you exclaim to yourself. “There are so many… He’s not going to need this one,” You sift through the costumes until you find just the right one for your next transformation. “Perfect, you whisper to yourself.”


Sneakily you stuff the outfit into your work clothes, trying to subtly lay them flat under the baggy work clothes. “Okay, time to begin my work day”


Standing outside you see the sheep glaring at you from the pen, you look to the ram, and the ram looks at you questioning. “Did he see me…” You think to yourself. The pen makes a creaking sound as you swing open the gate, you try to rouse the sheep to move. You feel their eyes pierce your body, they are completely stationary. With every effort you take to get them to move the more futile you are in your ability to herd. The sheep almost form an empty space around you with every step. You can feel the defiance as they spat at your feet and make snide hurtful remarks. A sheep bites your tail and you scream and leap up.
“That’s it” you say to yourself as you leave the pen frustrated.
“What’s the problem?” The ram asks, quickly approaching you.
You hang your head and quietly explain,
“You know, I actually don’t think this is for me.”
The ram looks confused.
“Ye were havin fun, what’s the matter?” He asks inquisitively, thinking to himself how a lion can want so badly to be a shepherd, and then turn down the chance once they’ve had a taste of it.. Had a taste of it.. That was it.” His face growing into a scowl. “You ate my sheep?”
“That’s an assumption” You quickly reply.
“I’m sure of it, look a how they treat ya!”
“No sir I just-”
“Look here now, I can’t be managing a business with a Lion like you picking off my sheep. Is that why you came here?”
“Well actually-”
“Look, ya don wanna work, ya can’t herd, you just wanna live here free-”
You slam your fists into a wooden beam, the force shakes the entire cabin.
“Look, I actually am going to just leave. I didn’t mean to come here, I’m not even-”
“Good, well ya can use ya runnin skills to run the hell outta my pasture!”
“Hey that’s actually fine with-”
The Ram headbutts you off the porch, the sheep cheer in agreement.


You think to yourself that it’s best you leave immediately, lucky you put that costume in your work clothes, now you feel completely free to just ditch this lame job and start a new adventure as a new individual. Distracted, the ram headbutts you once more. Your muscular body shakes it off as if it was nothing, and with every last ounce of your vitality you leap into action, and run towards the wooded areas outside of the ram’s land. You can hear him as well as his sheep yelling curses at you to stay away.


As you near the edge of the forest without even breaking a sweat you think to yourself one last time how you never would have been able to do this with your old body. You spend your final moments taking in the powerhouse of a body you have lived in for yet another two weeks before sliding on the next adventure.

Written by Driftingdragon on 04 October 2019


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