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Over the next few days you begin compiling a list of what all you would need for this type of remote survival. Thinking to yourself how you couldn’t possibly survive this round by simply climbing trees all day.


“Shelter, check. Food and water…” you remember the most important part of survival, your slowed metabolism preventing you from feeling too particularly hungry. “I need to hunt.” You say aloud to yourself. You contemplate building some tools to help you take down larger prey. “What larger prey would I be able to find out here?” Considering the jungle’s largest apex predators you begin replaying the scene from yesterday in your head. You shake your head, clearing your mind from the negative experience. You then ponder your ability to take down small game with your body’s newfound speed and agility; it’s about time you put your new product to the test.


You skillfully leap back down from the canopy floor, and your mind starts racing as fast as you were the last time you were down there. You ask yourself, “What kinds of things can I get for food here?” You recall the previous day. “A mouse?.. No” You consider previous knowledge of this terrain from your previous experiences. “Maybe certain insects, or..” Your mind goes to something darker. “Reptiles”


You spend some time thinking as you take in all of your surroundings, you try to slow your mind and focus on the things around you. In an instant fear washes over you as you sense footsteps behind you once again, this time you wait, you listen, you’ve grown accustomed to experiencing the world in this way, which is just your first step.


Suddenly you whip around and lash out with your fangs, a squeal breaks through the noisy background sounds of the jungle. A pig. It thrashes in your jaws as you feel the blood slowly leaking out of it; eventually even its life.


The aroma fills your sensitive pits and your mouth begins to water. You can almost definitely taste that pig before you’ve even began feeding from it. The thick scent of the pig’s fur in your mouth almost make you miss the scent of another figure nearby. The thrashing has stopped, but you can now begin to hear the things around you properly, and that confirms it, you’re still not alone.


You ponder whether or not you should stand your ground this time, but you don’t fully know what to expect, so you focus your senses onto figuring out what’s trying to take your kill. The footsteps quickly approach, and you can just barely make out bright stripes in the distance. By this time you realize that you’ve made a grave mistake, a massive tiger has found itself upon you, and is just now ready to pounce.


He flies through the air almost in slow motion, you brace yourself and close your eyes. In a flash a quick movement overtakes the tiger and deters it from your path. “An arrow?” You look around and catch a blurry flash of a large distorted face, with tufts of hair sprouting from on top of its elongated head. In this instant you decide to get the hell out of there.

Written by Driftingdragon on 08 October 2019


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