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Your body is still stinging from the shock of what has happened to you. The memory of it comes in perfect clarity, though your eyes are attempting to adjust to the new lighting in the enclosure where you exist.
The genie had been furious at your words; perhaps it wasn't the best idea to taunt a creature of power and infinite capabilities, but you had never been able to reel in your bravado. You shouldn't have mocked them.
You know that you shouldn't have mocked them... and now it's too late for you. You can remember it all in stark detail -- it was like your skin bubbled beneath the nerves, like everything about you was flying apart. And then there was the sensation of fur and feathers... the sensation of your nails elongating, of your shoulder blades bowing outward to accommodate for some kind of growth that was no more natural than it was possible.
You'd thought then that you certainly had to be dreaming... that there was no way that any of this could be possible... but in the same moment, you knew that the odd sensations that were roiling through your body was something that you could have never imagined, no matter how creative you might have been. Whatever was happening to you was either the most realistic nightmare that you'd ever experienced... someone had drugged you...
Or you were going to have to accept the harsh reality that perhaps, just perhaps... it was the truth.
Your eyes are slowly adjusting to the bright, almost artificial light. For a moment, you think that you're dreaming -- there's no way that you could possibly be... different... from what you were before. Everything that happened in the dark room where the genie had been can just fade away to the background. You know who you are, and you know who you have always been... and it was a simple fact that humans couldn't just change shape -- that genies weren't actually real, and there was no such thing as a curse.
Those facts should be the truthful ones... but opening your eyes doesn't make the memory fade away; trying to shake yourself back into coherency only makes things come back into a crystal sharp clarity that you can't ignore, no matter how hard you try.
Things are different.
Humans couldn't transform... human's couldn't become something other than human!
But you are, and there's really no way that you can deny it. First and foremost, you're not laying in your bed -- you aren't even in a house. You're in some type of enclosure with wide bars that a human body would be able to fit through... but something tells you that your body isn't human.
Your body isn't normal.
You open your mouth to shout and your throat feels dry; when you finally manage to groan out a weak 'help' it isn't in your deep voice.
The voice is higher, and more than that, it's lilted and... odd.
Something is definitely wrong. You try to push yourself into a standing position, and that is when you notice your body. There isn't anything lean and muscular about it. There isn't anything familiar about it, if you're being honest with yourself. There's nothing human about it at all.
You stare down at yourself in horror. Where strong arms had been, forepaws now stood. Where your legs were, a great cat's haunches. A tail swishes behind you... and more than that, maybe even more to your terror than most things, you notice the fact that a part of full and swollen breasts spill from your chest.
You aren't human.
You aren't a man.
You're something altogether different.

Written by Karlyene on 04 October 2020


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