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‘Um, Kura?’ Daniel thought.


“I do believe she’s attracted to you,” Kura replied, a mixture of amusement and interest coloring her tone. “How exciting! To not only be gifted with me, but also to find a potential mate in the same night! Hoo boy, you must be thrilled.”


Daniel was a little slackjawed at this. ‘Um. But… we literally just met…’


“Yes, yes, I know,” Kura said. “But we kitsune mate differently than humans. Also, when I say ‘mate,’ I mean it’s likely she wishes to start a relationship with you, or however you want to word it. Though, do be advised, there’s a good chance she may… try to dominate you.”




“When we kitsune are interested in someone, the one who is more… alpha, you could say, will often seek to ensure the one they’re interested in becomes theirs,” Kura replied. “Don’t be too afraid; if she wishes to go down this path, she’ll ask your permission. Basically, what it would entail is she would make you submit to her, then bite you. Not a painful bite, mind, just a bite to leave a special mark. This mark will only be visible by other kitsune and other spirits like us, and it will signify you are hers.”


A rush of emotions ran through Daniel’s body.


This was a lot to take in at once, a lot to think about, to be sure. He’d never been lucky enough to have a girlfriend, but, to suddenly be in a predicament where that might no longer be the case, even if he didn’t quite understand all the things behind it…


He didn’t quite understand all of it, of course. He felt a little lost, and very, very overwhelmed, even though Aria was just standing there, not doing anything.


“She’s probably speaking to her inner kitsune,” Kura offered. “Look, I know this is a lot. It’s overwhelming, as you thought. But again, I ask for your trust, and for you to relax and take it in stride. Nothing will happen to you if you choose for it not to happen. We kitsune are essentially bound to honor the concept of consent in all things. So if she deigns you interesting and wants to see what a relationship with you may entail…”

Written by Hollowpages on 25 September 2019


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