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Though some of the other options do seem intriguing, playing as a different gender and species is enough change for one day. You confirm your selection for two-legged movement and finalize the changes, now finding yourself in your new anthropomorphic vixen form.


You spend a moment getting used to moving around in your new body, getting used to the new features and shapes. It’s pretty easy to adjust, and while memories of your old body aren’t disappearing, you feel as though you’ve been this way your whole life. It’s a serious credit to the virtual reality experience that this all feels so incredibly natural, you think.


The experience IS still a game, however, as you’re reminded when a new screen pops up in front of you a moment later. Choose Your Class, the screen reads. Pictures of several weapons and armor sets are pictured below. Your hand gently swipes through the number of options available, but finally you settle on…

Written by LunaMoonstone on 25 November 2016

Both Class(Knight)
Both Class(Priestess)
Both Class(Evoker)

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