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Reality Hopping star star star emptystar emptystar

In this story you can hop between realities following these rules:


No more then


These measurements are based on your home reality.


Your home reality is the one where you start your journey from.


When you hop to another reality you switch your mind with anybody who is there already.


If you hop to a different reality then your home reality from another reality then:


Reality 3 contains you.
Reality 2 contains the person from reality 3
Your home reality contains the person from reality 2


If someone dies then the person whose reality he/she home reality changes to that of the person who died. (Using the example above , if the person in your home reality dies your home reality becomes reality 2. If the person in reality 2 dies then the home reality of the person from reality 2 becomes

Written by Catprog on 22 August 2004

Video games star star halfstar emptystar emptystar

You decide to travel to a video game. But which one will you choose?

Written by catprog on 20 April 2006

Mars is an interesting place emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You choose Doom, your favourite childhood game.


The next thing you know, your sitting in a debriefing room. Theres some guy at the front, talking about an accident on the Mars moon base, Phobos Labs. There has been no communication from either moon base for over an hour now. "Since you're the only security force for 50 million miles, you get to find out whats wrong" says the man, who is obviously is a marine adviser, who gives out assignments (marine talk for job, be it mundane or violent). You look around and see many other marines around you.


This was not part of the game, as far as you can remember. "Alpha Team!" Half of the marines stand up with a loud "Yes Sir!" and salute. You appear to have stood up as well, without realizing it. You seem to have all the abilities of a marine, and memories it seem as well.


The man continues: "You are to check out Phobos Labs. And Beta Team, you are to check out the other moon base. Are your orders understood? Okay, report to locker rooms and get prepped for a shuttle flight. Dismissed!"


At this, everyone hurries out of the room, including you. You have no idea what to do, so you use your marine memory. It tells you that your locker is down the corridor to the left. You follow it and find the locker room. Your memory also tells you that you need to scan your thumbprint to open your locker.


After the scan you open your locker to reveal the cool green armour, the helmet, boots, gloves and a 10mm Pistol. You put the armour on, the helmet, the boots and the gloves without a problem. But you don't have a gun belt to put your weapons.


You yell out to your fellow marines "Okay, who has my gun belt?"
"Sorry, D. I thought it was someone elses."
He comes over and hands you the belt.


"Marines, report to hanger bay immediately!" says the overhead speakers. Everyone runs out the door. You are running too, until you catch your reflection.


You are handsome, tall, have black hair, white teeth, the works.


You also have huge mucles that are nearly popping out of your armour.


You tear yourself away from the mirror and catch up with the rest of the marines. You are surprised to see that you are faster than most marines and
catch up without a problem. As you pass some of the slower marines, some mutter "Show off".


You get to the hanger and get on the one that Alpha Team is using. You get on and find a seat. When everyone is onboard, the hatch closes and the transport starts to take off. Your Squad commander says "Okay men, this is it. Your first action out here. Lets have some fun and .... don't forget to shower."


This seems funny to the commander( we'll just call him Bob), but no-one else seems to get it.


Most of the trip is in silence, apart from the rattling of the hull, and the sounds of the engine.


Soon, the transport touches down and Bob says "Okay, gear up and get in there!" Everyone runs for the gunrack with the shotguns on it. Your belt buckle was stuck. By the time you get it undone, all the shotguns are gone. Bob says "You missed out, looks like your on sentry duty.


Next time be more prompt marine." and exits the transport.


So, this is great, the first bit of action here, and you're on sentry duty! You are angry at Bob for a few seconds, then you realise, that this must be the reason you stay alive, and are not masacred by the demons. You thank, and feel sorry for Bob, because you know he will be killed.


A few minutes later you start to hear screams over the communicator and yelling. You don't understand all of it, but you think it goes sort of like this: "Oh my god! What the hell! Help ME! Get this thing off of me! Get it off me!"


The screams are fewer in number now, and not as frequent. Then nothing comes across the radio. You try to contact your friends but there is no answer.


Then suddenly there is a voice over the radio. "I'm the only one left, if there is anyone else left (heavy breathing, a thud) get the hell outta here. Nuke the whole place, get out while you still can. What was that?! Oh god there back again! No please, please get back! NO! (Gunshots fired, screams, moans) ARGHHH!" Then just static.


You decide to...

Illustrated by underdrag

Written by underdrag on 01 May 2006

Run Away! emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

<This can't really hurt me can it? I mean, it's just a game.> You decide to prove this to yourself by pricking your finger with your knife.


"Ow!" you scream. "Okay then, I guess that it's real. O my god! It's real!" You begin to panic that you might get hurt. Playing the game is one thing, living it is another.


You decide to "get out while you still can". You go to the transport which brought you here and open the hatch.


The hatch opens and you enter. You go to the flight controls and fire up the engine. Then, all of a sudden...


Written by underdrag on 04 May 2006

Look out! emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

While you were busy, an imp snuck aboard the ship, undetected. You are trying to figure out the controls to fly the damn ship (your marine knowledge obviously didn't include how to fly a transport ship).


The imp comes up from behind. The imp sees you bend down to pick up something you dropped and then...

Written by underdrag on 04 May 2006

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