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As you press the Complete button a needle comes out of the Screen's side, the needle injects you with a strange grey liquid and the screen says "INJECTING HYBRIDIZING NANITES".


The needle comes out and recedes into the side of the Screen; a few moments pass before you start to notice your finger and toe nails turning into black claws, your hands and feet grow black pads and red fur. You notice your nose beginning to turn black, your body begins to grow reddish orange fur all over.
A small stump appears right above your butt, you feel your chest start to grow and your groin begins to feel as if its pulling inward. Your ankles bend and twist into a digitigrade form, the stump you previously noticed above your butt is growing longer and becoming puffy with reddish orange fur. You notice your groin has completely disappeared, your chest has grown breasts of a decent size.
Your waist begins to come in slightly and your legs begin to look more feminine, you can feel your face growing a snout and your human ears turning furry and moving further up your head. Your teeth begin to grow sharper, your face begins to look more feminine and your hair grows out longer.


After the transformation is over you look at yourself in the slight reflection off the screen and say "aww crap!!!"
After you say that Jake quickly looks over, he apparently chose the male fox and says "Woah, Dan you look really good as a girl"
Just then you notice your still naked and Jake is staring at your breasts, you let out a small girlish squeal when you notice.

Written by Draiko on 05 April 2009

The end (for now)
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