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You turn and face Eva, smile, and take the swimsuit into your paws. The bus begins to drive away, leaving you face to face with a vast beach stretching in both directions. Raccoons jump and play in the sand to their hearts content. “Know your way around, newbie?” You shake your head no. “Alright, I’ll fill you in.” Eva puts arm around you and places her head against yours to maintain eye level. Her ears brush against yours, and you begin to feel hot. “Now over there is the water of course. To your left are the changing rooms just behind the bar. To your right are the showers. Got it?”


You nod. Leo walks from up behind you and places his arm around your other shoulder. “In case you didn’t catch that, the bar is right over there. Emphasis on bar. Free drinks for ladies as gorgeous as yourself.”


Eva yanks his tail and motions to the water with her snout. “Get over here and leave her alone. She’s not interested in weirdos like you.”


Leo frowns. “Throw that suit on and catch us in the water!”


You fake a smile and wave as he runs towards the shoreline. One paw at a time, you step into the soft sand, each warmed by the sun absorbed in every grain and crystal. You make your way to the changing room, dodging stares from love-struck teens and tipsy couples. When you’ve finally waited your turn, you enter the small hut and close the curtain.


A thought crosses your mind as you hold the swimsuit. This is a changing room, right? This must be the place where I can change back. You search every inch of the hut for a sign, to no avail. Eventually you exchange your department store clothing for Eva’s well-fitting apparel and emerge from the hut. You leap to the shore and pause, staring into the clear blue liquid. Its beauty is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Without hesitating, you take a running jump and dive headfirst into the water.

Written by MaxtheRaccoon on 06 June 2017

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