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Suddenly a trap door open up underneath you.You slide down a long tube and end up in front of
a sign.


Welcome trespasser.


First let me introduce myself. I am a wizard who is looking for test subjects. Now thank you for volunteering to be one.


Just sit tight until it your turn.


Another trap door opens and you are dropped on to a ice ramp. You then slide down up to the end of the statue line.


You look down and see that the slide runs along side a large tower. You do some quick calculations and work out that you are at least 5000 statues from the end.


Just then a person walks up to the end of the line and takes the statue from the end.


The statue comes to life and the wizard casts a spell on the human.


When the smoke clears...

Written by on 25 April 2007

The end (for now)
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