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White light.
That was all that was visible as he lifted his hand to his face. He felt numb all over, but that numbness gradually transitioned into pain that lingered and throbbed. The brightness filling his vision bled away slowly, and he could drink in the setting he was at…where he was.
A sandy beach. He could see it stretched on for miles, and there were towering palm trees providing shade far and wide. The ocean just barely rolled in, the tide was too far out to be an issue anytime soon. The air smelled fruity and sweet, and the sky was a serene blue color, with not a cloud in sight. It honestly looked like a tropical island paradise; the one people would spend massive amounts of money to get away to.
It was nice, but that wasn’t the issue…it was why he felt…higher off the ground. His hand lifted to block the sun, and he winced, noticing something.
The hand blocking the sun was dainty, slim and with longer nails…it was a feminine one; he distinctly remembered having more muscle mass.
“The fuck?” Even his voice sounded different! Feminine, higher, and even with a dip of honey. He was in a panic now, trying to desperately figure out just what was the reason for this, as he roamed his hands over his body in a desperate struggle to figure out what was going on and why was he suddenly…a she!
Everywhere he touched, he was give more reminders that he was no longer a he; full breasts, widened hips, and lengthier hair. Rushing to the ocean’s edge, he was able to catch a glipse of his reflection in the stilled water.
Her hair was a lot longer; ginger colored as it reached her lower back. Freckles adorned her face, and her skin was a bit paler, showing that even her form was changed far further than wanted.
…and then, she caught a glimpse of it…orange…fur? Another step forward, and she was given a clue why.
Her lower body wasn’t even human!
From the waist down…she had the body of a tiger; like a taur of some sort! Four long, powerful legs, with a swishing, swinging tail, covered entirely in orange fur much like her now ginger hair, and with black spots to reflect the freckles.
It didn’t make any logical sense…and yet, she felt…attuned to the legs, as if she had them her entire life, despite holding no memory of it; it explained how she was able to move about and not even realize they were there. As baffling as that was, she still had to…find some form of rationality from this.
An excuse.
“Okay…not one bit of this makes sense…lemme see…lemme see…m-my name was…Jacob but…it’s…Jamie…now, I guess.” The female name rolled off the tongue. It was mildly worrying. “Where…am I?” Now that was the big question that she had to ponder; where was this place?

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 09 January 2018

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