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“Like what, changing me into fucking monster?” Daniel didn´t realize that he raised his voice until he heard himself yelling.


“Hey, hey,” Gassan said, raising his hands in peaceful gesture. “Calm down, we´ll figure this out.”


“How?” Daniel tried to get up again, but he stumbled over one of his too many legs.


“Somehow,” David said. He crunched next to Daniel and grabbed horse legs to push them down, so Daniel wouldn´t accidentally kick anyone. “We should get you out of here first,” he said. “You should go home.”


“Home?” Daniel shook his head and Pammy quickly pulled away so he wouldn´t hit her with his horn. “I can´t go home like this.”


“You can´t stay here like this,” David reasoned.


Daniel looked at his friends, seeing their worried expressions. No matter what they did to them and what they truly wanted, his friends wouldn´t want him to get hurt. They were together for too long. He always could rely on them. And now, he had no one else to trust.


“What should I do?” he asked, unsure.


Pammy and David exchanged tensed glances again. Then David stood up and hooked his hands under Daniel´s arms.

Written by lulu-illussions on 07 February 2018

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