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“I can see where the leader is coming from though.. But I mean I’m still really sorry you’re dealing with that all. Maybe there’s something you could do to make yourself better for him I suppose. If you’re stressed out about these two things then hey, you can solve one, and maybe even the other one eventually if you know what I mean.” She just sat and listened to you.
“It’s all easier said than done.” She responded after a while.
“Just keep trying and it’ll be fine. I know the leader is a really kind seal so of course, things will get back to normal for you one day.” You continued.
“...Normal.” She almost sank into her own blubber as she thought about it. “I suppose… You’ve been getting pretty close with the leader I presume.” She asked.
“Of course! As you mentioned earlier, he’s pretty close with everyone, I don’t understand what’s the deal with you though.” You replied.
“Right. Okay well I’m going to call it a day now, I already did my part of the hunting and I already had some to eat so I’m just going to go to sleep.” She said, disengaging quickly.
“Alright, hope you have a good night tonight!” And you truly did wish she’d have a good night considering everything she’s been through, if only there were more you could do for her. Regardless, you went on about your day as well.
Throughout the following few days, you started to notice the others starting to treat you differently. Regardless of it all though, you loved being able to get closer and closer to the leader, somehow, you felt as though just being around him and enjoying yourself was the perfect mix of both a business trip and a vacation for you. Things were really starting to change for you- at first it was for the better, but unbeknownst to you, something was brewing.
One night, you found yourself being woken up in the middle of the night. You saw two figures over you, one was large and had a slightly foreign smell, but the other one almost made you feel like you were safe- like you were about to get rescued!
Well… Turns out you weren’t going to get rescued. You were actually just getting dragged off in the middle of the night.
“You’re done for…” You heard a voice project down at you and it sounded so familiar, but you just couldn’t put your flipper on it. It couldn’t have been the leader of your pack, it sounded too foreign. But still… It was all you could remember as you felt your game starting to reset after your captors started giving you what for.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 21 November 2023

The end (for now)

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