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In a flash, the calm, peaceful atmosphere erupted into panic and screaming as inhuman bellows pierced the air; Feylin shooting to his feet and glancing around as he watched pure, and utter chaos transpire all around. He watched strange, canine like creatures rush about, howling and snarling at Morphs to force them to move, yet none of the beasts openly bit and attacked yet...but they were unsettling none the less.


A shove to his side sent Feylin to the ground, before being yanked into the underbrush; seeing Tyrus there, as the latter covered his mouth, just as one of the beasts prowled past.


It looked like a wolf was devoid of all its pelt and even its skin; leaving its muscle tissue to make up its hide, as the flesh was a sickening, obsidian color, with a set of beady red eyes to glance about. Its claws were lengthy, almost like knives, as its skinless tail swayed to and fro, while the beast looked about for any more foes. And, to show ownership, it wore an emerald harness around its chest, and a collar as well.


Feylin was distracted from his thoughts when he felt something slimy and wet splatter on his back. Turning, he was just in time to catch a chestful of mud; as Tyrus was hurriedly working to cover both of them up.


“Oro Hounds can’t smell through mud,” Feylin just...tried to ignore the sensation of the mud against his breasts, as he returned to a prone position in the bushes. “Stay still and quiet...they’re not here to kill us...they’re trying to flush us out.” Feylin didn’t even get time to ask what Tyrus meant; he could see one of the Morphs make a break for it...only for their head to explode into sickening skull confetti as well.


The hounds were forcing Morphs out of concealment, and right into the open for...something to shoot. It was a all a clever, yet equally disgusting plan.


The screams closer by told Feylin someone was unlucky; one of those hounds was mauling a bird headed Morph with demented eagerness, as the beast thrashed about its prey...but soon it ceased all together, and dropped the bird, leaving him on the ground, bleeding and wounded. Feylin was about to question why...but he could hear the approaching, close distance.




Something was approaching, with calm steps. Before long, something made itself known...something that sent eerie chills and shivers down his spine, from both the fears of what was just beyond the bush, and also what the beast looked like.

Written by AGhostInTheMachine on 16 September 2018

The end (for now)

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