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"What is that?" you screamed, following the rushing party towards the beast while your pounding heart and the churning nausea in your stomach told you to do the opposite.


"A ghoul! Their ghastly abominations!" With a hollering call, several more of them attacked, throwing their bare claws and fangs in waves at the shifting body of the spirit. Their attacks were mixed, some of them didn't even seem to land on the shifting, half-invisible sides of the creature while others landed to howling calls of pain from each blow.


You joined the throe. You struggled, nearly tripping with each attempt, but instinct began to slow take hold of the alien form as you lunged for the beast, scraping and clawing at the mere black shadow that marked its arms. "Die! Die!" you screamed, a fierce survival instinct grabbing ahold of you as the night and the unfamiliarity of the place shot fear streaking through your mind. Blood pounded in your head, in your ears with a steady thuh-damp, thad-dump, thuh-dump! With each pulse of your heart, you threw out your claws again, screaming and crying with confusion and fright.


That feeling wouldn't fade until night fell away.

Written by Picklessauce69 on 12 December 2016

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