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“Well… It’s kind of hard for me to tell you about this.” You started. “But, do you remember what had happened on our way here.” You continued, your voice was so weak and meager as you tried fighting just to get the words out. “I wanted to tell you that, well, I could have helped your kid, well I think I could have, it was just so hard. I didn’t tell you this earlier because I was afraid… I just didn’t know how to come to you about it”
“Pardon me? I don’t understand what you are talking about?” She asked, looking extremely concerned, you could see her breathing start to quicken, you can see her body subtly shaking as if she’s trying to contain herself as she felt the heart absolutely pounding out of her chest.
“Do you remember what happened with your child on the way here?” You asked. “Well I wanted to tell you something about that incident.” You continued, she just nodded slowly and watched you as you took your time to find the words to explain everything truthfully and honestly to the other seal.
At this point, after everything you all have been through, you felt more inclined to actually respect her. And now, it was all starting to show. The little montage of you explaining yourself was similar to the scene in some other transformation-based media you had seen about a bear who killed the mother of another bear before transforming himself. This time, it was far more real and far more emotional for you. Honestly, somehow, you didn’t even realize how un-emotional you had been about it until this point.
By the time you were done, it was hard for you to not end up crying and somehow making it even slightly about yourself but at that point the mother was completely silent. She was in shock from what you had explained to her and you could do nothing but wait for her response as she processed it all.
“Oh.. Well. I can see. Maybe in another universe… he would have made it… and maybe he wouldn’t have.”
“I mean, I tried my best to get him out. I wanted to call for help… But I don’t know. It felt like there was something just… Lurking down there under the water. There was a sense of panic. Something was going to happen if we didn’t get out of there quickly… At least, I had a strong sense, that is.”
“It’s alright. It just a sense that comes with being a mother I presume. I think you did your best from the very beginning.” She mentioned. “I wish you had told me about it earlier. But I mean… Honestly, I just want to know why… You mentioned being scared. Scared of what? I just wanted to know…”

Written by Drifting Dragon on 13 December 2023

Both You definitely shouldn’t tell them you’re a transformed human.
Both One more truth for the road?

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