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Look upon my work, ye mighty, and despair star star star star emptystar

Emperor of the World!


Now there's a rank you could have some fun with. Or is it all a cruel joke? You suspect the latter as you glance around the spartan room. Not exactly what you would expect for such a mighty person.


You open the door and step outside. Literally. It does not lead into a corridor or bigger room as you expected, but straight out in the open. The very open. In front of you lies a featureless plain stretching all the way to the horizon...


You blink, rub your eyes and look again. No. The horizon is still visibly curved and looks like it's only a few hundred yards away.


That would explain it. You are on a miniature planet straight out of The Little Prince, which makes you emperor of a few acres at most. At least that means the days are very short and it won't take long before you can jump realities again.


You take a deep breath and start walking. The sound of your footfall is kind of hollow, and you guess this is really some kind of artifical satellite with gravity generators and probably a force field to keep the atmosphere from escaping. Maybe there is something more interesting or useful underground - if only you can find a service hatch or something.


You stop and look back. The door you came out through has already started slipping under the horizon, but you can see that it is set into a pretty short wall. If the other walls are the same, the building does not contain anything but the room you woke up in.


You start feeling hungry, and don't remember seeing a replicator or any other possible food source in your room. There must be food here somewhere though - whoever put you here can't possibly have gone to all that trouble just to watch you starve, can they?

Written by Won-Tolla on 22 September 2007

The end (for now)
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