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"Why are you not a male human? " Pammy asked.


With a gulp she started her answer, "Because I am not...", she thought desperately if she could explain all of this away, " because I always felt off in my old body... Like it didn't fit right..." Why was she saying this? With a whine she reached to cover her face with her hands trying not to cry in frustration and worry.


Dan's mind whirled furiously inside his own skull; he knew that these words weren't her own but they still came out anyway. He couldn't stop herself anymore


"I heard about an experiment they were doing in the abandoned base. They were mixing human and animal DNA. They promised me they could turn me into a girl if I volutered. But then one of the lab techs caught me staring at her chest." as much as Dan was trying to hide her face tears were escaping her eyes with her frustration and her embarrassment.


The memories inserted themselves into her head. She remembered walking into the warehouse; there were tanks and lights and tubes. He had talked to the lady in the lab coat who had said something along the lines of "Don't worry you will have plent of your own to look at when ever you want."


Someone had grabbed him from behind holding while the liquid was forced down his throat...


"We will see you when you are done"


The next thing he remembered was walking into the party and the questions had started. Which set of memories were true?


Her mind was racing for an explanation that she didn't care. Something, anything to make them stop asking.


"Are you happy with your changes?"

Written by - on 31 January 2024

The end (for now)

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