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You answered the door to find one of the royal’s guards standing just behind the threshold. In his hand was a similar looking letter, and to your surprise when you swiped it from his slinky hands and began reading it as you stood, not even dismissing him, you nearly leaped into the air as you realized that you had finally put an end to the hundred plus years of war between the kingdom.
The guard opened his mouth to begin to speak. Though he didnt say much more than how you were wanted by the king and queen. When you ran down to their space in the house, they seemed a bit confused.
“We want you as in ‘we want you to stay our diplomat’ not we wanted you right now.” giggled the queen.
“Yes, we find your help incredibly useful, and would pay for your living in full if you were to do this every time you were in need. It was an offer you couldn’t refuse. You literally couldn’t refuse it.
Even though it was almost like your dream job, you found yourself falling into a cycle, stuck in a pool unable to escape it fully. But at least you were happy. The day after day of doing the same thing, regardless of what you were getting had slowly begun to take a mental toll on you. But at least you were in a safe place. Though the physical downfalls of this job definitely chipped away at your physical health. But at least you were… wait a minute, was this even what you wanted?

Written by Driftingdragon on 26 June 2020

The end (for now)
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