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You head towards the ocean. And then you see it. Some sort of seal washed up on the beach. But it is just the skin. It's eyes are open and staring blankly ahead. What does this mean? Is it dead? Did it drown? Was its death caused by the barrier? Why did nobody else notice anything strange about their environment when they were trying to escape from the dome? There must be more clues lying around somewhere if only you knew how to find them.
As you go to turn it over it comes alive and starts to cover you. Oh no! This thing is so gross!! Quickly you try and slap it away, but it smacks back harder than you expected. Then it grabs hold of you and begins dragging you under the water. As you struggle to free yourself, you suddenly find yourself moving more gracefully through the water than you ever have before. How is this possible?! Your arms are stronger now!
You look down to see flippers instead of hands. Just what the hell happened here? Your swimming faster than you've ever swum before. You're barely even breathing hard anymore. You head back to the beach, only to find yourself stuck as a seal. Searching deep inside you find a new feeling, a way to separate from the seal skin. The skin falls off and you are human once again. You feel some kind of connection to the skin though, as if it still belongs to you. Perhaps it's the same way your body feels connected to the mind within it. Regardless, you decide to keep it. You'll need to hide it in case anyone sees you.

Written by NovelAi on 04 August 2021

The end (for now)
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