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The next few days do, luckily enough, not end in snowstorms. So you wander around again. After the chance encounter with another one of your kind, your mind settles more and more for the fact that you may just be like this forever. And you probably wouldn't even mind. You are strong, you are beautiful and you surely could find a good mate to build a family...


But as you think more and more about things like that, suddenly you find yourself in front of a clearing.


And in that clearing there stands a little hut, made of wood. Just like the one you came out of as your little adventure in this jungle started.


And with this sight, slowly your memory comes back. Your memory about you being a human. Your memory of putting on this costume and becoming this creature.


Slowly, almost hesitant, you make your way up to the hut. And with each passing step you remember, that you're not supposed to have four legs. It almost becomes a hassle to control them all at once. And the fur starts weighing you down.


But even with all these things, you still feel like it was a great adventure, running through the forest, hunting for fish, and yes, even getting trapped in that cave during the snow storm. You had a good run. But every adventure has to end some day.

Written by Lifeguard Arran on 26 June 2018

The end (for now)
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