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You look over the collection of costumes, eventually find one that does not have too much of a bust.


Slipping into the costume you sigh, "why did I have to pick the female door?" as you feel the magic work.


First you feel the costume burning, although it fades to just a warm feeling soon after. The tails connect to your spine and you take a few moments to get used to the controls.


You feel your heels lift off the ground, as you become digitigrade. The fur flows up the legs, the wind rustling through it.


You look around to see the walls fading and letting the wind though. As the change progresses the wind gets stronger.


Just before the walls fade completely, you feel your chest and face push out to fill the costume out.


The change now finished you look around to find out where you are.


Written by catprog on 07 June 2018

The end (for now)

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